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Adultery and embezzlement- ”legal reasons” - see below

Some years ago, the “Rev. Szende”, former junior architect and latterly going by the name: “Dom Tibor Szende O.S.B.”, was initially asked to leave (apparently following misdemeanours including the throwing of missiles during Divine Office in the monks’ choir) the monastery of Our Lady of Quarr, at which Tibor claimed he had vowed to stay until he died, Quarr Abbey on the Isle of Wight.

It transpires that Tibor was then asked to leave not only the parish of St Wilfrid’s in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight, where he had been temporarily posted pending resolution of the serious problems in the Abbey, and he was then asked to leave all the island of The Isle of Wight altogether and finally he was asked to leave entirely the whole Diocese of Portsmouth after a “complication” involving a female Parish Organist, Mrs Martin of Godshill on the Isle of Wight.

Tibor was finally exclaustrated absolutely and renounced his vows, from the Benedictine order. The details are widely available on the internet.

At an open parish meeting entitled “Ask the Priest” in his parish hall in Cheddar, Somerset, on the 16th May 2008, when asked a question about extra-marital sex, he taught his parishioners, “Anything that feels so good cannot be wrong”.

His (female) secretary, with whom he shared a one-bedroom apartment in Burnham-on-Sea, was heard to say that he had stopped taking medication for blood pressure because it prevented him from achieving an erection.

He appears pious and to be willing to receive cash in hand and as well as cheques, gifts and holidays, legacies and bequests.

Meanwhile he has refused to provide appropriate parish accounts for a huge rebuilding project at Burnham on Sea. See


Tibor Szende has never notified us of pleading ignorance, or admitting being mistaken, or of being mislead, or offered an apology for an error of judgement or for making a mistake, but instead has made wild and improper and libellous and desecrating outbursts, by mouth and by letter and loudly outside his church in front of parishioners and even in Church over the heads of the congregation, during the most sacred moments of Holy Mass.

Tibor was given ample and multiple opportunity to contest the publication of his exploits but he declined, apparently claiming that he could not respond for “legal reasons”, by which he was understood to mean adultery and embezzlement. Before arriving in Keynsham, he left his previous parish after having shared a one bedroom apartment and his own bed with his secretary and also refusing to provide parish accounts relating to hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of parish business.

Shortly before Tibor left the parish, a black-tie dinner was held in his honour, but after questions had been asked about those accounts, he failed to show up at the dinner, and the speeches in his honour were dropped.

He has now simply relocated yet again, as is traditional in the Catholic Church, in this case to Keynsham, leaving unanswered questions and brokenness. After a short interval, his secretary also left.

The Rev. Szende has consistently refused to provide the required Accounts. The Diocesan Finance Officer has consistently declined to provide the required Accounts. Bishop Declan has consistently declined to provide the required Accounts.

This page was off line for several months. After it came online again, a vacancy was advertised for the post of Diocesan Finance Officer.