Rev Tibor’s Spiritual Guidance


Rev Szende was formerly known as Dom Tibor Szende O.S.B.

Before this unsuccessful architect was exclaustrated from Quarr Abbey and then, after an incident with a female organist, required to leave the parish of St Wilfrid’s on the Isle of Wight and subsequently required to leave the Diocese of Portsmouth altogether... he was a Benedictine lay brother.

He was ordained to the priesthood after just five weeks!

(with Wednesday afternoons off.)

Although no longer able to call himself a Benedictive,

the quality, sincerity and holiness of Rev Tibor’s guidance has remained as true as ever it was.

Rev Tibor on extramarital sex:

“Anything that feels so good cannot be wrong”.

Spiritual Direction by Rev Szende

Rev Szende’s (female) Secretary was appointed Diocesan Representative for Spiritual Direction, so Tibor had himself appointed as the clergy representative for Spiritual Direction, despite the fact that he had no recognised training or qualification in Spiritual Direction.

Apparently Rev Szende told people that when he has a woman for a private one-to-one, he “just does what comes naturally”.