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Email to Tibor of 20th December 2013:

Dear Tibor,

You used to take advice on pastoral matters from Alan Finley.

From whom have you taken advice on our marital concerns?

What advice, if any ,have you sought, what advice have you received and what advice have you passed on to us?

Why have you taken it upon yourself to deny both of us the counsel of the Church and her ministers?

Tibor did not reply to this either.

After Tibor’s secretary, who had been regularly sleeping at the Presbytery in Cheddar and in the priest’s bed in his apartment in Burnham-on-Sea, deserted her husband without a word of explanation, giving The Presbytery in Cheddar as her forwarding address, the husband texted his friend Tibor about the agony he was feeling of two people, joined in “one flesh, torn asunder”. 

Tibor texted back, “Yeah”, and wished him a good night.

The husband went to see Tibor, his friend and parish priest, to ask for his help in his hour of need and in saving their marriage of 31 years.

The conversation went something like this:

The husband:  Have you heard my wife has left me?

Tibor:  Yes

The husband:   What did you think?

Tibor:   I thought it a bit strange.

The husband:   So what have you done?

Tibor:   Nothing

The husband:   What are you going to do?

Tibor:   Nothing.

The husband:   What can you think of doing?

Tibor:   Nothing

The husband:   Do you know why she left me?

Tibor:  Yes

The husband:   Will you tell me (her husband) why she left?

Tibor:   No

The husband received from his parish priest Rev Szende no sympathy, no offer of support, no sorrow and no regret for what had happened to the marriage.

Tibor promised to explain himself on two occasions, once in his presbytery and again some weeks later in the Catholic church in Cheddar on the Feast of the Holy Family.

He did not keep his promises, but refused to give any explanation.

Instead, he allowed the wife to use his printer at the Presbytery to write for a divorce.

Nor did he keep his promise to write in reply to the following letter:

Question: Why was Tibor so compromised by his relationship with his secretary that he refused pastoral care to the deserted husband

or give support, in time of dire need, to a Catholic couple?